Estel Gallery

Content is from the site's 2008 archived pages.
Yelpers report this location has closed

Dedicated to the introduction of exceptional new and emerging contemporary artists whose work is innovative, stimulating, and moving.

location  115 rosa l. parks blvd. (formerly 8th ave north), nashville, tn 37203
hours  tue - fri: 11am - 4pm sat: noon - 3pm or by appointment
phone  615.251.8997

The Building

Estel Gallery's building at 115 Rosa L Parks Blvd (formerly 8th Ave. N) was built in 1910. Its distinct facade and interior design provided a perfect backdrop for the contemporary art it housed, blending modern aesthetics with historical significance. Over the years the building has housed a plethora of businesses at the street level including barbershops, phonograph stores, grocery markets, cafes, and store -- front ministries. In Nashville, the address is perhaps best known as the location of Jew's Hatters (1982 -1993). The second floor served as furnished rooms for let and then as a hotel until 1954. When the building was acquired by its current owners, it was slated for demolition. However, instead, a renovation occurred. The complete renovation of the interior structure opened as Estel Gallery in October 2006.

Notable Exhibitions and Artists

- In 2007, Richard Heinsohn's exhibit "The Paradox of Change" received critical acclaim, showcasing vibrant cratered paintings that explored the interplay of destruction and creation. This exhibit was a turning point in the gallery's history, putting it on the map for contemporary art enthusiasts.
- Vanessa Oppenhoff's "New Works" in 2010 and "Common Thread" in 2008 were milestones in the gallery's journey, bringing international attention to the space. Her innovative approach to texture and form captivated audiences, leaving a lasting impact on the gallery's reputation.

Impact on Nashville's Art Scene

The Estel Gallery was more than just a space for art; it was a cultural beacon in Nashville. It fostered a sense of community among artists and art lovers, hosting events, workshops, and discussions that enriched Nashville's cultural landscape. The gallery's closure marked the end of an era but also set a high standard for future art spaces in the city.


Today, the spirit of the Estel Gallery lives on through the artists it nurtured and the patrons it inspired. Its contribution to Nashville's art scene is indelible, having played a crucial role in shaping the artistic identity of the city. The gallery's ethos of promoting emerging talent and pushing creative boundaries continues to inspire art spaces and creators across Nashville.


Nashville Folly | June 7, 2008 : Batman's Surprise Visit to Estel Gallery

Written by: Clark Kent

NASHVILLE, TN - In a turn of events that left art enthusiasts and socialites alike both baffled and delighted, Batman, Gotham City's own dark knight, made an unexpected appearance at Nashville's esteemed Estel Gallery last night.

Renowned for its contemporary art, the gallery was hosting an exhibition of emerging artists when, to the astonishment of attendees, Batman strode in. Onlookers initially suspected a well-orchestrated publicity stunt until the caped crusader himself assured them it was no act. "I'm here for the art," he declared, in his signature gravelly tone.

As Batman perused the collections, his critiques proved to be as sharp as his crime-fighting skills. At one point, he paused before an abstract piece, stroking his chin thoughtfully under his cowl. "This piece," he mused, "exhibits a chaos that reminds me of Gotham's streets. Yet, there's a harmony in the chaos, an order within the disorder." Onlookers nodded, pretending to understand.

The highlight of the evening came when a small child, mistaking Batman for a performer, asked him to make a balloon animal. Without missing a beat, Batman crafted a surprisingly detailed bat-shaped balloon. The crowd erupted in applause, with one socialite whispering, "Who knew the dark knight had such a light touch?"

The evening took another turn when the gallery's lights suddenly dimmed, and a spotlight shone on Batman, now standing beside a particularly vibrant piece. In a dramatic reveal, Batman announced that he was the anonymous donor of the artwork, a painting aptly named "Night Vigil." The crowd gasped in awe, their appreciation for the masked vigilante deepening.

As quickly as he had arrived, Batman vanished into the night, leaving behind a flurry of questions and a newfound respect for his artistic eye. The gallery's director, still in shock, commented, "Batman's visit not only elevated our exhibition but also proved that art knows no bounds - not even the bounds of superheroism."

In a city where the extraordinary is ordinary, Batman's visit to the Estel Gallery will go down in Nashville's history as a night where art and heroism collided in the most unexpected and delightful way.

Related: I attended the opening of the Estel Gallery with my sister whom I was visiting in Nashville. I was about to set off for the East Coast to go to college at the Rhode Island School of Design. It was my last night in Nashville and my sister thought it appropriate that we should go to an art gallery opening. It was a sweet send off, that I appreciate even more so, years later. I have traveled a long distance from my childhood home in Nashville. I won't be dropping by the Estel Gallery since it has been closed now for some time. But in the meantime many other galleries have opened in Nashville. My sister and I will definitely make plans to visit some of them the next time I am in town.


From the original website (2009):

the location

If you are planning a day of viewing the arts, we are located one and a half blocks from the Frist Center for Visual Arts and around the corner from the Tennessee Art League and the International Gallery of Art. We are also within five blocks of the galleries on 5th Ave. N, including TAG Gallery and the Arts Company and Art in the Arcade locations. We would be happy to direct you to those and other galleries in the area. Nashville has much to offer those interested in the visual arts.

gallery rental
Create an extraordinary atmosphere for your next event within our 2,000 s.f. gallery featuring a sophisticated collection of contemporary art. Conveniently located in downtown Nashville, Estel Gallery is available for small receptions, meetings and events. Please contact us via email for more information about renting the gallery.

general information
Estel Gallery is an ideal venue for groups of 100 people or fewer. The gallery is available for rental before and after regular business hours and on days when the gallery is closed.

rental fees and deposits
Up to three hours = $150/hour
Additional hours = $100/hour
Non-refundable cleaning fee = $75
Deposit = 50% of rental fee plus cleaning fee

2008 exhibitions

current show:

Common Thread 
Artwork by 

Cathy Breslaw
Vanessa Oppenhoff
Teri Moore
Opening Reception: June 7, 6pm-9pm 
Show runs: May 28- July 12, 2008

Rodney Wood


Juried Group Drawing Exhibition

Opening Reception: Aug 2, 6pm-9pm 
Show runs: Aug 1- Aug 30, 2008




Cathy Breslaw

Cathy Breslaw Dancing in the Dark Plastic mesh, beads, yarn, elastics and string 14" x 14" 
Available - $625

Cathy Breslaw Gestures Plastic mesh, beads, wire yarn and string 94" x 82 " 
Available - $2,500 

Cathy Breslaw Shanghai Lights Plastic mesh, beads, wire yarn and string 84" x 48" 
Available - $2,400

Cathy Breslaw Just Imagine Plastic mesh, beads, wire yarn and string 51.5" x 43.5" 
Available - $1,700

Cathy Breslaw Spiritual Landscape Plastic mesh, wire yarn and string 34" x 19" 
Available - $700

Cathy Breslaw Energized Mixed media 24" x 14" 
Available - $775 

Cathy Breslaw Lightness of Being Plastic mesh and monofilament with paint drops 78" x 64" 
Available - $2,000

Vanessa Oppenhoff

Vanessa Oppenhoff Video Art Vellum, thread and oil 32.5" x 35.5"
Available - $4,000

Vanessa Oppenhoff Saratoga Vellum, thread and oil 32.5" x 35.5"
Available - $4,000

Vanessa Oppenhoff Sweet William X 1 Thread on vellum 23" x 18"
Available - $1,800 

Vanessa Oppenhoff Without Title Thread on vellum 23" x 18"
Available - $1,800

Vanessa Oppenhoff Without Title Thread on vellum 23" x 18"
Available - $1,800

Vanessa Oppenhoff Meatmarket Thread on vellum 8.5 " x 11.5 "
Available - $1,250

Vanessa Oppenhoff Reden bis Unendlich (Talking Endlessly) Thread on vellum 8.5 " x 11.5 "
Available - $800

Vanessa Oppenhoff Ehe (Marriage) Thread on vellum 8.5 " x 11.5 "
Available - $800

Vanessa Oppenhoff Umzug (Moving) Thread on vellum 8.5 " x 11.5 "
Available - $800

Vanessa Oppenhoff Ikea Thread on vellum 8.5 " x 11.5 "
Available - $800

Vanessa Oppenhoff Dauerklette (Like a Permanent Limpet) Thread on vellum 8.5 " x 11.5 "
Available - $800

Vanessa Oppenhoff Tischrakete (Table Rocket) Thread on vellum 8.5 " x 11.5 "
Available - $800

Vanessa Oppenhoff Floppy Thread on vellum 8.5 " x 11.5 "
Available - $800

Vanessa Oppenhoff Atemschutz (Breathing Protection) Thread on vellum 8.5 " x 11.5 "
Available - $800

Vanessa Oppenhoff Headquarters Thread on vellum 11.5" x 8.5" 
Available - $1,250

Vanessa Oppenhoff Hunting Season Thread on vellum 32.5" x 35.5"
Available - $3,500

Teri Moore

Teri Moore A Child's Dance Mixed Media 18" x 18" 
Available - $550

Teri Moore Let It Go Mixed Media 20" x 26" 
Available - $800

Teri Moore I Accept Mixed Media 18" x 17" 
Available - $550

Teri Moore Mom Says Mixed Media 26" x 20" 
Available - $800

Teri Moore Five Mixed Media 22.5 " x 17" 
Available - $550

Teri Moore Six Mixed Media 22.5 " x 15" 
Available - $550